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About Our Foundation

     Wathata Kinyua Foundation (WKF) is a foundation that is geared towards giving back to the society whose core value is to empower the vulnerable groups. The Foundation is self- sustaining not-for-profit national organisation that continuously improves living conditions of and engagement by vulnerable and at-risk groups of people such as elderly persons and persons with disability from the rural areas of Kenya through sustainable projects and programs

     WKF's main objective is to complement the efforts of the government and to have a community that takes care of their elderly people and those living with disability at the comfort of their homes, while strengthening community support, awareness and response to the plight and rights of the vulnerable members of the society.


Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups.


 We value and respect each other, flourish on our diversity and work with partners to leverage our global strength in making a difference for vulnerable groups in our communities.


WFK conducts its activities to achieve the following objectives.

   ~ Ensuring the rights of the elderly and people living with disability in the society.

   ~ Ensuring quality of life for the most vulnerable (elderly and people living with disability) in our society.

   ~ Strengthening the local-international partnership to empower people living with disability, enhance their social involvement and reduce unemployment amongst them.

   ~ Advocating CSR through encouraging employers to finance the training and hiring of trained people living with disability and the care givers towards reducing dependence syndrome


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Our Mission

To stimulate breakthroughs in the way the world treats the elderly, people living with disability and the boy child.

Our Vision

A world where the elderly, people living with disability and the boy child have the right to protection, participation, development and survival.

Meet our Team

Our mentors at Wathata Foundation do the same for us. An initial push, some guidance when needed, a sharing of knowledge gained through years of experience—our mentors work pro bono to help further our cause and to help us realise our full potential, individually and as an organisation.

Ian Mahinda

Operations Manager

Wathata Kinyua

Founder & CEO

Wanjiru Gatheru

Legal Advisor
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